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  • Baypride Houseboat & Resort
  • Baypride Houseboat & Resort
  • Baypride Houseboat & Resort
  • Baypride Houseboat & Resort

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A Hearty welcome the land of green magic! Yes to the enchanting backwaters of Alleppey which is famous for its snake boat regatta. Alleppey is called the "Venice of the East" But the backwaters of Alleppey are 'the rice bowl of Kerala' Thanks to its abundant paddy fields.


Your trip is not complete without a houseboat stay in Kerala. The houseboats in Kerala are an ideal way to unwind and spend some quiet moments that will rejuvenate your soul. The traditional Kerala house boats are called "Kettuvallam", which means a boat that has been sewn up together. These houseboats navigate the beautiful backwaters.

Welcome to Kerala, India's only tropical paradise. Popularly known and believed as God's Own Country - is today of the most sought after tourist destinations in Asia. Located at the southern most tip of India, Kerala is a 560 km long, narrow stretch of land. Kerala, a destination blessed by the God,
Baypride Houseboat & Resort
Baypride Houseboat & Resort
It is the land of farmers, but turning back the pages of time, we find the backwater was once the monopoly of land lords. That's why it is not any wonder that communism has taken its revolutionary roots here. It is region blessed by nature were sturdy and hardworking men and women sweat blood to earn
Baypride Houseboat & Resort
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Kerala Backwater
Baypride Houseboat & Resort
As you will slowly make your way into the waters paradise the waves will seem to lap faster than your racing heartbeat, the beauty of the Kerala backwaters will slowly descend upon you.
Baypride Houseboat & Resort
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